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ViagraSildenafil Citrate is the most popular and well-known, that can reduce the brightness of the sexual life and the saturation. Today, among wishing to buy viagra ireland - people of all ages, and each one of them is asking for - can you buy viagra without a prescription? Why people ask such a question ? The reason is simple: for a man who goes to the doctor for a prescription to purchase Viagra ireland it is the stress. Not all men are willing to discuss their problems with anyone, especially the related problems and erectile dysfunction. Now, it is possible to buy viagra without prescription and stay home entirely confidential.

Sildenafil citrate, just like any other drug, contains the active component primary and a number of substances auxiliary. Sildenafil - the substance that provides the action of the drug magic. Sometimes, the term "Sildenafil" is used as a synonym for Viagra. The essence of the action of the drug is that for normal erection it is necessary to ... a certain level of nitrogen oxide. Under the influence of sildenafil citrate there is a strong increase of the nitric oxide and the disintegration of some enzymes, which, in turn, improve the blood circulation to the genitals.

How to take sildenafil citrate?

Sildenafil citrate is a tablet. They should be taken approximately one hour before you need to their miraculous effect. However, a lot of people tend to take Viagra on the principle of "more, more, harder." And here to warn: the maximum dose - 100 mg per day. And this is the absolute maximum, as the best option is 50 mg. Fans older should remember one thing: No dosage depends on the age.

When you can't take sildenafil citrate ?

Alas, on the Viagra without a prescription doesn't mean that you can drink " even ulcer and non-drinkers. "It is a sober only possible, but the finger of the lady, alas! Any disease of the gastrointestinal tract serves as counter-indication final. The same thing applies to the base. Drug healthy person will not hurt (of course, if they were consistent with the dose), but for those who have all of the violations of the heart or blood vessels - be able to take sildenafil citrate. And it is contraindicated for those who have bad liver or there is an anatomical deformation of the penis. Should also be said about the side effects. As a general rule, they do not appear at all, because most of the popularity of sildenafil citrate is not based only on the fact that it copes well with its main task, but also on the fact that rarely has side effects. However, be aware that the preparation of pastime may cause dizziness, headache, insomnia, rash and sometimes nausea. The side effect of the more serious disorder of perception, and of various infections, including genital organs. Note: When you run the risk of overdose bouquet full of side effects, so he will not have to sensual pleasures.

That is the medicine for ?

First of all, Viagra is addressed exclusively to men. Women who are useless, at best, nothing will happen, at worst - will have side effects that we have described. Viagra is not necessary that for those who have erection problems - whatever their reasons. Finally, romantic evenings are often accompanied by a bottle of wine or even something stronger. Is it possible to combine reception sildenafil citrate and alcohol ? Any answer to this question is difficult, but any mixing sildenafil citrate and alcohol, at least, is not desirable. First, they have the reverse effect, and on the other hand, alcohol is bad for the nervous system. On the other hand, a small dose of alcohol will not hurt you . Excessive amounts of alcohol is dangerous - as in combination with the Viagra, and without it.

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